Would A Colored Bomb Color A Wedding Dress? Essential Guide for Beginners!

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In the modern world, weddings are different than traditional ones. The photoshoot is getting different than usual nowadays color bomb, and other elements are added to the photoshoot for making pictures look more aesthetic.

We are here assisting whether coloring a wedding dress by a smoke bomb is a fact or myth. If you are curious to learn more regarding the aspect, then it would be great to give a look into the details stated below.

Cons of getting a colored bomb at weddings!

Among all the other wedding trends colored bomb is one of the hyped one. However, the colored bomb is a great thing to add to your wedding photoshoot. There are different reasons why you should be picking up for the colored bombs on weddings.

  • Vibrant pictures

If you consider to pick the colored bombs on a wedding photoshoot, then pictures of your weddings would be vibrant. Exciting pictures is something that you would cherish for a lifetime. There are plenty of colored bombs experience that professionals shared how they made pictures look more full of life. You can easily get a beautiful picture with those, so adding them would be a fun option surely.

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  • Creative idea

It would be perfect to choose for something like colored bombs for weddings to add a creative touch to your wedding. Instead of choosing those lame and cliché props like flowers, hats, and balloons but colored bombs would be a great choice evidently.

These are simple reasons why you should be choosing colored bombs for weddings.

Reasons not to get the colored bomb at weddings!

There are several disadvantages of having colored smoke bombs on a wedding, and we are putting it out in points for better understanding.

  • Don’t forget about stains

Colored bombs are good for vibrant pictures but surely a messier option with your wedding dresses. Using colored bombs on weddings would add to stains on your wedding dress, and you might have to attend a complete wedding with a messy dress only.


  • Look for better alternatives

Instead of messing your wedding dresses for colored bombs, you can cater to different choices for adding to your wedding. It would be helpful in choose for some other alternatives. Color power is a better alternative that offers the same effect, and you can create vibrant pictures easily.

  • The second set of hands

For the setting of the smoke bomb, you would be required to have a second set of hands. Not everyone has second assistance for the wedding photoshoot, and colored bombs cannot come in handy for everyone. Extra pair of eyes to monitor the job is necessary. It would be helpful to look for something easier and hassle-free wedding photoshoot.

Hence, these are some of the cons of using a colored smoke bomb that adds to the expense and inconvenience of using the colored bombs. Make sure you are considering the primary points that assist in deciding how convenient it is to choose colored bombs at the wedding or not.

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